Texas Hold’em Poker Strategy: Playing in the Blinds

When you are in any of the two blind positions in Texas hold’em losing money is an easy thing to do. It is highly probable that you will lose money much more times when you were a blind position than when you are in a different position. The decisions you have to make when in the blinds are very difficult indeed and they depend somewhat on luck but mostly on skills. There is no sure way to play out of any blind, everything depends on how you play and when you decide to fold.

If you would be positioned anywhere else, let’s say for example in the middle and you have a bad hand, when you see other raise and bet in front of you then you can simply fold because your hand isn’t worth losing all that money. But when in a blind position you can’t do that. The odds you get to call from the big blind position are big but you don’t know your hand yet and the problem is that you can get stuck and pay off a good hand someone is holding or is going to draw. In the long run you will realize that you mostly lose money when you bet and call against a good hand that is gonna take your money and not when your hand gets beaten.

In the blinds, the thing you are troubled with is whether to call or not when you have bids or raises ahead of you. Some things to try and do when in this situation are the following:

– If you get a low price it means the odds are gonna be great. If a person placed a vet and the other called it this means to call would cost you just the value of another small bet. The price is low and the pot will increase its amount and the pot odds will raise also. If you already placed a bet and now you only have to call it again because of a small raise it is risky but still it costs low so you can do it. But remember that this is a strategy to play out of the blinds, in pre-flop that is. A rule is meant to be understood completely not just in half, so don’t take it too far and do the same on the flop or further in the game.

– Your position might be very bad if you at some point call from the big blind and someone has already raised the bets placed and because of this you must remember your position. Let’s face it, it is the worst possible one and that is the way it’s gonna remain right through the hand. The blinds become an early position later on and they still remain the worst possible position.

– Avoid getting trapped because when you are in a blind position others can do it quite simply. Calling with marginal hands will get you trapped especially by players that like to have you with them on the flop because they hold a good hand. So avoid this as much as possible.

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