Why You Should Play Heads Up Texas Holdem

There is no better way to poker than by participating in a good game of one on one. The game can be as exciting as the adrenaline rushes you find in tournaments but your odds of winning are much better.

If you are new to the game, or a seasoned professional who hasn’t paid much attention to “heads up, there are some great advantages to participating in this version of Texas Hold’em:

1. You can get a quick poker fix if you are short of time.

2. If you find you are having trouble in deciding how to play certain hands you can test them out in a one-on-one situation.

3. If you are having trouble beating the table in a usual multi-player environment, try and beat one person then work your way up.

4. Playing against a single opponent will give you a personal tutorial in how to “read” other poker players.

5. A good poker player will be able to boost their bank roll in
a heads up situation.

6. If you are not comfortable with the poker room’s software you can practice in a low limit heads up game.

Whatever your reasons, heads up poker may be the poker game you need to help you achieve more confidence, more skillful play and add to your bankroll quickly if you have the ability to play effectively.

In heads up, watch out for the very loose players who are usually poker novices. They will move all in quickly and try to bluff their way into an easy win. Take your time and think about the best possible hand your opponent could be holding.

You only have one person to beat, so if you can do it, move all-in with all of the confidence in the world and boost your bankroll!

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