Texas Hold’em Poker Hands

Let’s take a look at some of the most important hand categories in Texas hold’em and try to see which hand is better in comparison with the other, determining this way the winning hands and their odds.

Royal Straight Flushes – this is the greatest hand in Texas hold’em and if you hit you pretty much are bond to win. Put the odds for this hand are very low, so you will actually get to see this hand very rarely. The royal part means that the cards are situated at the top of the suite, from Aces down to tens, and they are connected because it is a straight and suited as it is a flush. A royal flush looks like this: 10s, Js, Qs, Ks, As.

Straight Flushes – straight flushes are the next hand below the royal straight flushes. Just as the royal straight flushes, they are made from cards that are suited and connected at the same time. But unlike royal straight flushes, the simple straight flushes are not situates at the top of the suite. If a straight flush is including the Ace as the biggest card (starts down from it) then it becomes a royal straight flush. In all the other cases (starting with K the biggest card and so on down from that) they are just straight flushes. Although this hand is not quite as magical as the previous one, still it is very very hard to hit. The odds are low here too and if one player holds this hands they the winning possibility is very high as there is a very low chance that another player has a better hand. The Ace her can play the role both of a big cards (next bigger than the King) and as a small one (next smaller than the Two). Any hand like Js, 10s, 9s, 8s, 7s or any combination of cards like from 6 to 10 or from A to 5 suited is a straight flush.

Four of the kind – just like the name says, when we are talking about a hand that contains four cards of the same value: four twos, four kings, four aces etc. The odds of course depend a lot on the cards that make the four of a kind hand. If it is a low four of a kind then it is a rather bad hand but if it is a high four of a kind then it is a hand you will see rarely and it holds a big chance on winning the pot. An example of a four of the kind is : As, Ad, Ac, Ah.

Full houses – if you have a full house hand then it means you have both a three of a kind and a pair. There are no restrictions for the full house – any three of a kind combined with any pair makes one. It depends on the cards it is formed from and they are the ones that give the hands odds and strength. To say whether a full house is bigger than another we have to look at the cards that for the three of a kind. If the three of a kind is bigger in one full house than in the other, the first full house is going to beat the second one. For example, a full house like 8-8-8-2-2 is going to beat a full house like 7-7-7-AA. Examples of full houses are: QQQ, 44 (Queens full of fours) or 888, AA (eights full of aces). In hold’em when you have a full house it is not such an uncommon thing although it is a good hand – you can see a full house almost every time you play.

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