Consider Your Position In Texas Hold’em

The online game of Texas Hold’em is very much a poker game where position is everything. A lot of online players, especially novices, do not know this, so you can use this small piece of knowledge to your advantage!

Strong starting hands such as an A-A or K-K can usually be played effectively from any position at the table. You can comfortably raise and even re-raise with these stronger hands from any position on the table, whether you first to play or immediately to the dealer’s right.

A good position on the table will enable you to eliminate as many players as you can before the flop. The reason that you want to do this is a no-brainer. After the three cards have been revealed, there is a greater chance that one of your opponents will flop something that beats your hand.

If you aren’t familiar with position at the table, here are a few basics:

1. The later you get to play, the better. Last action is the preferred action.

2. The early bird is not the desired position after the big blind. The earlier the position, the worse it is. You have to make a decision before seeing how anyone else is playing their hand.

3. If you are at the small or big blind position, you don’t have position after the flop. In other words, now you are in a less desirable position.

These three tips are so basic, but might help you as you begin to explore the game of Texas Hold’em and give you food for thought before you move on the next hand.

If you are dealt a strong hand and are also fortunate enough to be in good position on the table, then is the time to take your opponents to the cleaners!

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